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Kyrpa Cock / Glaidys Cock

The Kyrpa and Glaidysare incompatible with many VISTA AOs, due to an accident on their end. You can remove the bad animations from your AO, or you must use another AO or cock. There's nothing I can do about it!

Buy this, and wear the **mBones Body Extended** while AO shopping to check for compatibility. If the back legs wiggle, the animation is bad!

This readme is written for the Kyrpa, but is now fully compatible with the Glaidys.

Click here to jump to the changes section!

Getting Started

Thank you for buying a Kyrpa dick, and I hope you like it! Here's how to put it to use, fast:

  • Add the cock of your choice, or wear it on Hind Left Foot if you already screwed up. They're all identical except for girth.
  • Add the HUD, and click the flip icon in the center of the Control section to find the Parts menu! to turn on piercings and other things!
  • Open Tex/Opts on the HUD, and use the right-hand side to offset your dick to fit, and choose a maximum length for your cock (You'll have to make yourself fully hard first to tell the difference).
  • Choose a texture from the skins list to start retexturing your dingus! Some things will not appear when retextured, such as the piercings. You'll have to turn them on in Parts to see them. (Note, the Kyrpa and Glaidys have different textures. The HUD will try to keep you from texturing the wrong cock, but be careful!)


Texture Downloads

Kyrpa textures: Click here!

Glaidys textures: Click here!


This is for Kyrpa 2.0 or above: Dummy rig: Click here! Blender 2.79 is required, Avastar is *EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED*.

To make an addon automatically change with the cock, listen on channel -8483628. Please parse the JSON correctly as more options may be added later. Kyrpa 2.6.1 is required for this.


If your screen size is smaller than 1920×1080, it'll probably be a little off-screen. Right click to edit the HUD, and then use your scrollwheel to zoom out until you can see the arrows to move it over.

Sorry about that, here's a picture. Click for fullsize.

The HUD is made for a resolution of 1920×1080. If yours is significantly smaller, you might have issues. You can manually resize the HUD, or try these commands to change how the buttons render:

/43 dong-hud mask
/43 dong-hud blend

Commands you'll care about

Some of these commands can only be done by the user, while others can be done by a Master!

Level of Control Type
0 LOW-Level Master
1 MED-Level Master
2 ALL-Level Master
3 Yourself
Minimum Level Needed Command Explanation
2/44 dong-spec-str <object> <0-255>Sets the specular-gloss for <object>
2/44 dong-spec-env <object> <0-255>Sets the specular-environmental for <object>
2/44 dong-spec <object> [-1 - 255] [-1 - 255]Sets both values at once. -1 means no change
2/44 dong-color <object> <r> <g> <b>Sets a color for <object>. RGB can either be 0.0-1.0 or 0-255
2/44 dong-alpha <object> <0-100>Sets the transparency for <object>. Can be 0.0-1.0 or 0-100
2/44 dong-spec-color <object> <r> <g> <b>Sets the spec color for <object>. RGB can either be 0.0-1.0 or 0-255
2/44 dong-updateReload the prim list. This needs to be done if a prim has been renamed, but you didn't link/unlink anything.
2/44 dong-skin <object> <type> <uuid> [<alpha mode> <cutoff>] Sets a texture on <object>. Details below.

Commands you might not care about

General stuff

Minimum Level Needed Command Explanation
0 /44 dong-help Sends a link to open this page! :>
0 /44 dong-enable <object> Adds an <object> so that it will show up on the cock.
0 /44 dong-disable <object> Stops displaying said object
0 /44 dong-toggle <object> Enables or disables the object.
0 /44 dong-shaftmore Hides more of the cock
0 /44 dong-shaftless Hides less of the cock
0 /44 dong-snip Less foreskin.
0 /44 dong-unsnip Moreskin.
0 /44 dong-cum Blast jizz everywhere.
0 /44 dong-pee Tinkle everywhere.
0 /44 dong-drip Dribble precum on the floor.
0 /44 dong-stop Stop all fluids.
0 /44 dong-hidetoggle Hides or shows the cock.
0 /44 dong-hide Hides the cock.
0 /44 dong-show Shows the cock.
3 /44 dong-detach Easy way to remove your cock, if you have trouble selecting it.

Weenie movement

Minimum Level Needed Command Explanation
0 /44 dong-soft Go limp.
0 /44 dong-semi Chub up.
0 /44 dong-erect Get hard.
0 /44 dong-hard Raging boner.
0 /44 dong-set <1-4> <1-48> Sets cock to erection between 1-4, and an angle between 1-48.
1 /44 dong-length <1-24> Set the length your dick will be when hard.
0 /44 dong-rot <1-48> Sets the rotation of your cock. 1 is down, 48 is up.
0 /44 dong-flop <right / left> <1-12> Flop your cock to the side. 1 is highest, 12 is lowest.
0 /44 dong-balls <1-4 / Back / Forward / Pants> Choose between one of the hanging options for the balls.
3 /44 dong-offset <up / down / in / out> Change the offset of the cock on your avatar.


Minimum Level Needed Command Explanation
0 /44 dong-swingplink Record the start of a thrust, for the ball-swinging setup.
0 /44 dong-swingplink cock Record the start of a thrust, for the cock-swinging setup.
0 /44 dong-swingstop Stop the balls from swinging.
0 /44 dong-swingrefresh Restart the swinging animation. There is a very slight delay!
0 /44 dong-swingfaster Restart the swinging animation, but a little faster.
0 /44 dong-swingslower Restart the swinging animation, but a little slower.
0 /44 dong-danglenext Choose the next dangly option for your balls.
0 /44 dong-ballsnext Choose next ballsac shape.
0 /44 dong-anim stop Stop the currently-playing custom animation.
0 /44 dong-anim <anim> Start a custom animation, stored in the cock itself. Must be named BentoCock_<anim>


Minimum Level Needed Command Explanation
3 /44 dong-autohide <off / on> Toggle the autohiding function.
3 /44 dong-autoretract <off / on> Toggle the auto-retract of the foreskin when getting hard.
3 /44 dong-togglecurve Toggle whether your dick curves up or down, when Erect or Hard. Just do it and you'll see what that means.
3 /44 dong-autodangle <off / on> Toggle whether your balls automatically tighten when you get hard.
3 /44 dong-master <off / on> Toggles the remote control system.
3 /44 dong-public <off / on> Toggles the public control system. Remote-control must also be on.
3 /44 dong-pubrange <1 - 64> Changes the range people can control your cock from.
3 /44 dong-limits <off / on> Toggle the limits of how soft/hard the cock can get, and how it can rotate. Doing this on the larger sizes will result in ugliness.


Minimum Level Needed Command Explanation
3 /44 dong-master <off / on> Toggle the remote-control system.
3 /44 dong-masters Lists all masters who can control your dick, and whether the system is on or off.
3 /44 dong-addmaster Sends a dialog with everyone nearby, to add to your master list.
3 /44 dong-removemaster Sends a dialog of your master list (but not the ones in the notecard).

Setting a Texture Manually

Minimum Control Command Explanation
3/44 dong-skin <object> <type> <uuid> [<alpha mode> <cutoff>] Sets a texture on <object>. Details below.

Setting a texture by hand using the build-tool works, but if you don't wanna take the dick off, there's this!

Setting specular textures by hand will cause them to reset if the specular values are updated, so specular textures must be set by script. You cannot have an alpha-blended texture on top of another one, with rigged mesh. If you set your cock transparent, it will go invisible beneath the base layer and condom.

Included objects: cock, fur, metal, condom

Valid types:

  • diffuse (the texture that anyone can see)
  • normal (bump map, adds details)
  • specular (shinyness)

Alpha modes: Textures will now default to 'none' mode unless one is specified.

  • blend (Texture is alpha-blended. Best for condom and fur/gradient)
  • mask (Any pixels more opaque than cutoff are fully opaque, otherwise fully transparent. Useful for fur or tattoos, try cutoff 127 first)
  • emissive (if you want this you already know what you're doing)


/44 dong-skin cock diff b6c65766-350b-48fa-aa22-f19a515fbbf2 mask 127
/44 dong-skin condom spec 01c8ceed-a5f0-47b8-84ff-6099f089f8bc
/44 dong-skin base diffuse 01c8ceed-a5f0-47b8-84ff-6099f089f8bc blend
/44 dong-skin albert norm 6fcd6ac4-17d5-4101-b46f-e8031bcc1ba7

Master & Slave

The master system allows someone else to control your cock!

To allow someone to control your cock, open the Tex/Opts section of your HUD, and you'll see two chain icons in the Options area!

One adds masters, one removes them!

You can manually give them your HUD, or they can click the tip of your cock and receive one that way.

There are multiple levels to the system now!

  • LOW gives control over the basic functions of your dick.
  • MED gives all of LOW, but also lets them set the maximum length of your cock.
  • ALL allows them to edit your cock using their HUD. Almost all controls are allowed. Be careful!

Project Arousal Support

Please take this please take this script and install it as a plugin. It is compatible with both Kyrpa and Glaidys.

Hiding your clothes

The cock responds to these two commands:

/44 dong-hide
/44 dong-show

And it also SENDS messages:

Channel: -928571945

Click here for scripts to put into your clothes to use with the hide plugin! These should be compatible with Kyrpa/Glaidys, Leka, Glied, and Verpas!


The Kyrpa Cock is incompatible with many VISTA AOs, due to an accident on their end. You can remove the bad animations from your AO, or you must use another AO or cock. There's nothing I can do about it!

Buy this, and wear the **mBones Body Extended** while AO shopping to check for compatibility. If the back legs wiggle, the animation is bad!

Click the eyeball icon on your HUD twice. If it's still smushed, you're a neanderthal who should update to a Bento viewer. It's been over a year.

This dick is RIGGED, which means you will NOT be able to move or resize it whatsoever. Please try the demo to make sure you like it as-is, because that's how it's gonna be.

The Tex/Opts panel on the HUD has a section called 'Offset' where you can adjust the position of the cock. No, it does not move it left-and-right, that's forward and back. Seriously. Please try the demo first to make sure it fits your avatar(s).

Sort of.

You can add things to the tip, by linking them to the cock and then positioning them after wearing it, or by attaching them to Left Hind Foot.

You can add things to the balls by wearing them on Right Hind Foot, but they probably will look bad.

You cannot add things to the shaft itself, or the base of the cock. Please try the demo and attach things to Left Hind Foot and Right Hind Foot to test them.

I said try the demo. Refunds will ONLY be given for double-purchases.

This cock uses the Bento Hind Legs and there is a high chance it will not work with random Bento things. Try the demo.



Make sure you have 'render attached particles' on, in Prefs→Graphics→Rendering. And make sure your particle count is above 200. Why? Who knows, but it's important!

Please contact me inworld so I can help before leaving a bad review!


  • The Kyrpa cock uses the Bento hind legs. Any other products using them will WILL break, or will break the cock, period. It uses both Hind Foot attachment points as well.
  • It uses a maximum of 6 animations at a time, generally only 5. If coupled with too many other Bento products, or specifically poorly-made Bento hand AOs, you may hit the 30 animation limit of SL, and the cock may not function correctly.
  • This cock is rigged, and was fitted to the default Linden body. An offsetting system is included to fit it to other bodies, but there is no guarantee that it will fit any given body. Adjusting your shape may be needed, and will definitely help.
  • You can edit your shape freely with this cock and it will not be affected.
  • The Kyrpa cock does not use the Groin bone/attachment point in any fashion, and will not do anything with products that use the Groin. It does not have swaying balls either.


  • 2.6.1
    • Fixes
      • Fixed the cock getting stuck in hidden mode. Woops.

  • 2.6
    • Features
      • Improved secret commands so they're not completely fucking useless, extendable now.
    • Changes
      • Internal code changes to work with a new demo system.
    • Fixes
      • Improved/fixed “Go limp on login/attach”, as it would wrongly assume animations are already playing and not start them. Also set it to a better angle when limp instead of halfmast.

  • 2.5
    • Features
      • Added secret commands for future addon compatibility.

  • 2.4
    • Features
      • Brought back the missing 'pants-mode' feature for the balls.
      • 'All done' button to quickly reset your dick after you've nutted and are all tired and lazy.
      • New cumlayer for the Glaidys.
    • Changes
      • Changed how the arrows work for adjusting angles/hardness. Will no longer awkwardly flop your wiener to one side mid-fuck.
      • Added a warning when you attach it to the wrong spot. Stop it, it doesn't work.
      • Ball-swinging system now gives better info when you don't get it right.
    • Fixes
      • Fixed Glaidys piercing textures not working from the HUD.
      • Fixed the Kyrpa length display being way off.
      • Fixed the length display not updating on attach.
      • Choosing a custom animation while dick/balls are swinging no longer breaks them.
      • Fixed a number of missing animations from the swinging balls, so they don't confusingly not work seemingly at random.
      • Fixed the taint attaching to your hand. Learn how to use the right click menu, yeesh.
      • Fixed the shaft-hider requiring an extra click on the Kyrpa.

  • 2.3
    • Changes
      • Glaidys now uses the Kyrpa system.
    • Fixes
      • Fixed HUD color-saving panel so it actually restores the colors. Now restores selection on color panel itself as well.

  • 2.2
    • Features
      • Added Update Card.
      • Added upgrading system.
    • Fixes
      • Where'd 2.1 go???
      • Fixed issue where having Public Control enabled let anyone nearby control your cock, whether they wanted to or not. Woops.
      • Fixed the auto-tightening balls feature not working whatsoever.

  • 2.0
    • Major version change due to breaking backwards compatibility. Sorry.
    • Features
      • Added slider system for balls.
      • Added ability to manually select the way your cock is curved.
      • Added dickflopping animations, for cock bouncing around.
      • Added chat commands for master management.
      • Added Revert feature to PubControl.
    • Changes
      • HUD redesign.
      • Length system now uses inches.
      • Increased offset range and decreased distance by half. It now uses 441 animations instead of 82.
      • Added more ballswinging animations. It now uses 96 instead of 35.
      • HUD now syncs with currently-controlled cock.
      • Slave now adds masters themselves.
    • Fixes
      • Improved Public Control system.
      • Cock now correctly sends HUD when requested.
      • Fixed bad math in the ballswinging code, it should now sync better.
  • More changes but I lost the file I recorded them all in so IDK what they are anymore.

  • 1.0
    • Terrified screaming.
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